Grandpa’s Ancestors founded Hilton’s Point, New Hampshire

(Paget Ancestry)
Grandpa B. Rust’s maternal ancestors were the first to establish a settlement in what is now known as Dover, New Hampshire:

From Wikipedia: “Settled in 1623 as Hilton’s Point by brothers William and Edward Hilton, London fishmongers,[2] Dover is the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire, and the seventh oldest in the United States. It is one of the colony’s four original townships, and once included DurhamMadburyNewington and Lee. It also included Somersworth and Rollinsford, together which Indians called Newichawannock after the Newichawannock River, now known as the Salmon Falls River.”

Grandpa B. Rust’s 10th Great-Grandfather, William HILTON, born 21 Feb 1590 in Cheshire, England arrived in Plymouth in 1621 on the ship “Fortune.” I have made the connection today and I will be posting a lot of information about the Hilton Family over the coming weeks. STAY TUNED!

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Success is so sweet! I found a new record and new ancestor!

(Paget Ancestry)

I have had some real success this morning which is rather significant!

I was finally able to access the FREE International Marriage Records at, about an hour ago, and I found some important marriage records! THREE in fact!

I found the marriage record of my husband Brad’s 2nd Great-Grandfather John George PAGET. Here is the story! We knew that his Great-Grandfather Frederick William PAGET was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1858 to a John George and “Elizabeth” PAGET.

I had recently ordered a marriage record for John George PAGET and Elizabeth AXELLSON which we knew to be correct from England for about $14.00! They married on 5 Oct 1850 in the parish church in Leeds. This was indeed our John George PAGET!

Today, I used the free access to international marriage records as advertised by and I found a SECOND marriage for our John George PAGET and this time to another “Elizabeth” but her surname is WRIGHT and they married on 14 Feb 1856 and John George is listed as a WIDOW! This means that this second Elizabeth is our correct ancestor and the mother of Frederick William Paget who was born in 1858!

If you have the US Subscription you can get started today researching the international marriage records at If not, you have to wait until tomorrow, but please do it as you may have success such as I!

Marriage Record from Leeds
Marriage Record from Leeds showing John George Paget’s FIRST marriage to Elizabeth Axellson.  Now we know she is not the mother of my husband’s Great-Grandfather Frederick William Paget as she died before he was born in 1858!

Here is his SECOND marriage and the mother of our Frederick William PAGET!

John George Paget marries Elizabeth Wright on 14 Feb 1856 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
John George Paget marries Elizabeth Wright on 14 Feb 1856 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

Here is the THIRD document that I found which I think is normally free anyway!

These, I guess, are actually always free.
These, I guess, are actually always free.
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Brad’s First Cousin Dana Rust has just passed on…


From an internet link:
“But when the locals talk about a common thread running through town, or about what’s transformed it into some sort of artist attraction, they talk about one person. The father of the Edison art community, nearly everyone in town agrees —except for maybe him — is Rust, the Edison Eye’s owner.

“Dana’s the reason that a lot of us are here,” Vallee said.

A former commercial fisherman and sportswriter for the Seattle Post-Intel ligencer, Rust says he got into the art scene because he “knew all the big names in the old days.” He has cover ing most of one wall a paint ing by Northwest artist Guy Anderson, the former curator of modern art at Seattle Art Museum, from “before he was famous.”

Rust, 66, lives with his artist wife Toni Ann in back of the Edison Eye Gallery, which has a big metal eye mounted above the door as its only sign. He’s lived in Edison for 37 years and has been known to tell folks they aren’t locals until they’ve been there for least 30.

Rust is not only a curator of art, but also of people — and of this place.”

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